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$10/month ($120/Yr)

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A cloud-based service providing home activity reporting and monitoring with your KeyCrib hub & devices. Also includes contracts, bond management and more. 

Wireless hub device, pre configured to connect with all KeyCrib products.

Color: Black

Dimensions: (2.95L x 2.95W x 0.67H inches)

  • Guest Identification Verifications (with StayRank)
  • Customised Contracts with additional Special Conditions and Extra Services & Fees.
  • Direct Bond Collection or Retention.
  • Direct Invoicing and Bond Claims
  • Direct Host-to-Guest messaging.
  • Multi-channel booking calendar synchronisation.
  • Automated enquiry responses.
  • Full device connectivity to Noise Control, Cigarette & Air Quality, Climate Control, Fire Alert, Carbon Monoxide, Keyless Entry and Doorbell & Camera. ​(Sold separately)
  • Accurate graphical displays of daily monitoring activities.
  • Automatic guest warnings and breach notifications of unauthorised activities.
  • Full data and activity history.

Climate Control


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Create the most efficient thermostat solution on the market for your rental property, with control and monitoring built right into your KeyCrib Manager account. Set the climate of your property manually or according to the rental state or your property. 

Digital Climate Control device.
Color: White/Black/Aluminium
Dimensions: (6.30L x 3.44W x 1.34H inches)

  • HVAC Thermostat (Works with post 90s Aircon/Heating units)
  • Direct message warnings and activity history in KeyCrib Manager

Noise Control


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A sleek and compact device that records noise levels in your property for up to 100sqm. Be aware when noise levels exceed your limits and receive notifications directly once a breach is detected.

Noise control device.
Color: White/Black
Dimensions: (3.03L x 3.03W x 1.34H inches)

  • Non-recording device designed to protect guest privacy
  • Detects levels from 30dB (a whisper) up to 110dB (emergency siren). Average party 80-95dB.
  • Monitors a standard living room.
  • Direct message warnings and activity history in KeyCrib Manager
  • Multiple device connectivity.
  • Long life battery

Cigarette & Air Quality Monitor


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The most inconspicuous and stylish detector on the market. A wall mounted digital display unit that informs of any smoking or marijuana use inside your property and provides a time and date recording of any activity to assist with extra cleaning claims 

Digital Air Quality device. Power cables.
Color: Black/Aluminium
Dimensions: (3.78Dia x 1.34H inches)

  • Temperature and Humidity information.
  • PM2.5 and Co2o2 readings for Cigarette and Marijuana Use
  • AQI readings for air quality and estimated guest number detection
  • Pre-configured for simple plug and play to KeyCrib manager

Fire Alert


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Smoke alarms are great when you’re living on the premises, but wouldn’t you like to have an alert any time one of your properties detects an event? Our fire detector not only alerts tenants as per a normal smoke detector, it also alerts you and records the event inside your KeyCrib manager account.

Fire detector module.
Color: White/Stainless Steel
Dimensions: (2.36L x 2.36W x 1.96H inches)

  • Smoke detection with a 200ft radius performance capacity.
  • On-site 95dB siren.
  • Direct message warnings and activity history in KeyCrib Manager
  • Multiple device connectivity.
  • Long life battery and hardwired options

Carbon Monoxide Detector


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Carbon Monoxide is a completely tasteless, odourless gas and yet it is deadly. Protect you and your guests with this always-on CO sensor. Airbnb now prioritises listings that include CO detection, so add these to multiple areas of your home to bump up your listing. Includes local alarm, and monitoring in your KeyCrib Manager.

Carbon Monoxide module.
Color: White
Dimensions: (2.36L x 2.36W x 1.96H inches)

  • Carbon Monoxide detection within a 100ft radius.
  • On-site 95dB siren.
  • Direct message warnings and activity history in KeyCrib Manager
  • Multiple device connectivity.
  • Long life battery and hardwired options

Keyless Entry


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Our award-winning keyless entry option partners perfectly with your manager account to track and manage people coming and going. Highly secure and easy to install, KeyCrib Access will save you time and money from the first booking. 

Digital touchscreen access pad and door lock and handle.
Color: Black Glass/Brushed Steel.
Dimensions: (9.7L x 4.2W x 4.0H inches)

  • Control and monitor lock operation remotely with KeyCrib manager.
  • View entry and exit activity, history and status notifications.
  • Store up to 30 separate PIN codes simultaneously.
  • Prevent false entry and code detection with in-built security technology.
  • Power level warnings and easy battery replacement.
  • Designed with patented SecureScreen technology to prevent unwanted entry, 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) communication, and meets BHMA Grade 2 deadbolt operational and security standards.

Doorbell Camera


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A German-built motion-detected image capture doorbell that ensures you know who’s arriving, and what they’re bringing into your home. Every entry-event and every motion-tracked event image is stored automatically in your Manager account and viewable in your property log or right inside the booking log.

External doorbell and camera device
Color: White/Stainless Steel
Dimensions: (6.18L x 2.95W x 1.38D inches)

  • HDTV Video with Ultra wide-angle,hemispheric lens,180°
  • In-built Microphone Clear voice transmission.
  • Video and audio call on smartphones, tablets via KeyCrib manager
  • Light Sensor for night vision mode with 12 Infrared LEDs
  • Motion Sensor with 3D Technology distance up to 10m (adjustable)
  • Weather Protection that meets industry standard IP65 and is proven to protect against rain, snow, heat and frost.
  • Available in Silver and White

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