1. The Basics

Yes. KeyCrib accepts multiple payment methods including PayPal, Direct Deposit and Debit Card.
For any other payment requirements contact us for assistance.

Yes, KeyCrib is available in all countries.

KeyCrib is for anyone who wants to monitor and manage a home or a group of homes in the short and mid term rental markets.

A range of products from camera-less monitoring sensors to specialized rental contracts ensure that you and your guests are protected from beginning to end with full transparency and no hidden surprises.

All accounts include real time alerts, direct messaging, invoicing capabilities, bond collection and management plus 24/7 email support.

We hold identification as a protection mechanism for all parties, and score your trust-factor as a value we call StayRank.

StayRank allows tenants and landlords to assess each others trustworthiness when deciding acceptance or not.

A little secret, KeyCrib customers are inherently more trustworthy than other accommodation services, in fact it’s one of the cornerstones of our product.

By adding your ID documentation you start with a healthy StayRank, and each time you successfully rent a property both the tenant and landlord rise in the rankings.

Excluding your monthly or yearly KeyCrib subscription fee, and/or any sensor packs purchased, there are no further on-going charges applied to your account.
Bond collections and claim invoices may be subject to a 1-3% standard processing fee (dependant on the payment method).

KeyCrib is a cloud-based software service that offers the choice of multiple hardware options.

This means that we can offer great deals on kits, but also allows you to migrate some of your existing home-automation products and have the capacity to track and manage your properties like never before.

Our Super plan allows for up to 20 properties, however we have a team dedicated to professional services organizations that require more.

Get in touch and let us know your requirements.

2. Getting Started

Installation of all Keycrib devices is a very simple process.

The Environment module is factory configured for user convenience, essentially requiring no installation and just needing to be connected to a power source, the sensors will pair to the hub automatically.

Fire, CO and Noise sensors require some strategic placement consideration based on your property layout and power source locations.

Connectivity to the Keycrib hub will occur automatically once each of the devices are activated.

The Access digital door lock and View door camera are easily installed using your existing door lock hardware and doorbell wiring and can be fitted using the easily to follow instruction set included.

Creating a booking is a quick and easy process. By selecting the ‘new bookings’ tab in your Keycrib account and completing the required information fields, it takes less than 5 minutes to register your guest and enjoy the benefits of verified guest identification and secure monitoring for the duration of their stay.

If you have booked a property with a host and need to sign up for a guest account, click here and sign up, it’s free!

Once you’re done you’ll have a StayRank rating that enables you special access to certain properties, and will have the protection of monitored messaging and everything else that KeyCrib offers.

If you are a host and want to use KeyCrib to manage your properties, there are multiple management options available, visit our pricing page.

3. Using KeyCrib

Your KeyCrib account is accessible with any device capable of running a modern browser. We’ve designed the interface to work with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Signing in to your account can be done by entering your registered email address and selected password and then clicking ‘log in’.

If you have forgotten your password or would like to change your existing one, you can do so by  clicking the ‘forgot your password’ tab on the login page and follow the prompts.

Messages are forwarded to both host and guest to inform of booking information requirements and when information has been successfully delivered and uploaded to satisfy those requirements.

Property access codes and check in instructions are automatically sent to guests at a time nominated by the host with a minimum 30 minute timeframe prior to arrival.

Check out reminders are issued to guests on the final evening of the booking to assist in preventing late departures.

Hosts and guests will receive notifications when excessive noise, extra guest numbers or smoking of any kind is detected by the sensors.

All activity will be recorded and logged as an “‘unauthorized event” including date, time and a description of the infringement. This information will affect the guests StayRank rating and also jeopardise a full bond return in the event of multiple warnings being issued.


In the event of a power outage the keyless entry door system and detection sensors will revert to a limited battery operation to ensure access is still available and data is being collected. Battery levels are indicated in the devices section of your user dashboard. It is important to provide appropriate maintenance to all battery operated devices as directed.


Yes it is possible to add selected existing sensors to the KeyCrib platform.

Creating an invoice for bond claims, rental fees, usage charges or extra services can be done by using the invoicing tool that is included in your Keycrib manager account. Once the invoice has been completed you can forward it directly to your guest via the direct email or messaging service for the fastest and most efficient delivery possible.

You can edit or update your settings within your user profile at anytime by accessing your account using your personal login information. You can select how you wish to receive alerts, customise your dashboard and update your device list.

Booking cancellation procedures vary from platform to platform (Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com HomeAway etc.) and it is important that you understand your obligations with each one before you accept any reservations.

To help prevent unwanted bookings along with costly cancellation fees and penalties being issued, ensure your booking conditions are stated clearly in your property listing and indicate the necessary identification and security payment requirements that need to be provided before acceptance can occur.

Non-compliance with your booking requirements will entitle you to be able to cancel the booking without penalty in most cases.

4. Contracts, Invoicing & Bonds


Requesting a bond from a guest who has booked through the Airbnb platform is possible and can be done so by following the ‘Fees that can be collected in person’ policy contained in Airbnb’s Terms & Conditions.

To claim for any costs or damages incurred during a booking period  successfully, it is important to demonstrate appropriate documentation and clear communication between you and the guest.

Ensure that your agreement includes a concise list of items and the relevant charge amounts that will be applied towards the bond if they occur. These can include early/late checkout fees, excessive cleaning fees or extra services etc.(these can be included in the ‘special conditions’ section of your rental agreement)

For claims that are for property damage or missing items, a claim invoice needs to be forwarded to the user providing details and total amount of the claim (the invoice template document is available in your user account)

A bond deposit can also be used to pay for various charges incurred during the accommodation period that were not included in the original booking fee.

Examples of some chargeable items are, guest numbers exceeding the booked amount, early or late checkout fees, extra cleaning fees, deep cleaning and purification charges associated with indoor smoking or any unpaid charges  (additional nights, service fees/ mini bar etc.) that were accrued during the booking.

All chargeable  items should be documented in the booking agreement and acknowledged prior to occupying the property.

Any charges that require settlement after the booking period must be invoiced to the user within 24 hours of the listed checkout time.

Submitting a claim against a host can be done in various ways.
You can refer the claim to the booking platform administration where the reservation originated from, and provide the necessary information required to determine the nature of the submission.
Alternatively, you can take your complaint to your local law authorities to seek further assistance and determine the most suitable way to resolve the issue.

Unclaimed bonds are refunded within 7 business days from the listed checkout time of the booking.

It is important to understand the difference between the multiple contract terms so you can select what is most suitable for your tenancy.
Short term rentals include periods of 6 months or less. These can range from days or weeks depending on the requirements and generally attract a higher rental price to incorporate utilities, maintenance and cleaning costs.
Mid or long term rentals begin at 6 months and beyond. These rental types are usually more stable and generate slightly lower returns, but are less subject to market volatility.
Holiday rentals are specifically designed to accommodate varying leasing terms with no minimum period and may include house keeping as part of the lease. Pricing in this category is often seasonal but can generate substantial returns in peak periods.

Short term and holiday rental bonds can significantly vary, however the amount should at least be of equal value to the insurance excess charge that would be applied to any claim for damage or theft of items in your property.

It is not a legal requirement to have a rental contract in place if you have received the reservation from an online platform. Booking platforms will have the terms and agreements incorporated as part of the booking acceptance between the guest and host.
However, these agreements are generic and do not necessarily protect against any specific requirements you may have for your property.
It is highly advisable, in conjunction with your existing terms, to include a separate agreement that includes ‘special conditions’ giving you complete coverage and ensuring maximum protection throughout the booking.
This will also assist both guests and hosts with the resolution process in the event of a dispute.

Any disputes arising from a bond claim request will require resolution via a third party such as the relevant local law enforcement agency.

Complaints will need to be lodged directly to the appropriate authority along with payment of any fees or costs associated with filing.

Both parties will receive notification of a hearing schedule once a date has been determined by the court and will require the attendance of each member named in the dispute.

Access to data from KeyCrib’s monitoring sensors can be downloaded by members in a report format to assist in providing necessary evidence to support or defend any claims that require a court based judgement to be made.

5. Security & Privacy

KeyCrib maintains a strict compliance to tenancy privacy regulations and more details can be found in our privacy policy statement.

Absolutely not.
KeyCrib has a zero tolerance policy on any recording devices being used in all habitable areas inside the home.

Identification documents uploaded via the platform will be distributed to each user with pixelated addresses and identity serial numbers ensuring your safety is protected and potential identity theft is eliminated. For more details regarding your privacy, please refer to our privacy policy statement.

An account may be temporarily deactivated if the membership status expires or fails to remain in credit.

Accounts that are detected engaging in any fraudulent or unlawful activity will be permanently deleted from the platform.

In the event your sensors are switched off or disconnected manually, the system will notify the account holder immediately. It will also generate a warning notification indicating a contractual breach of the rental agreement to the registered guest outlining potential risks to forfeiting the security deposit. All data will be automatically stored until power is restored.

6. Help and Support

In the event of an item being broken on delivery please contact us immediately. Our friendly support team will work with you to arrange the fastest way possible to issue a replacement and have you up and running in no time.

KeyCrib may provide a refund on the return of the products within thirty (30) days where the product packaging is unopened and remains in a saleable condition excluding postage and shipping costs associated with any refund or return.

All products come with a guarantee that includes a full replacement of damaged of faulty items or a refund for a major failure of the product and it’s designated use.

Subscriptions can be cancelled by notifying KeyCrib via email seven (7) days prior to the next billing cycle.

For full details on refunds and cancellations refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Our experienced team is there for you to assist with:

  • General Services
  •  Products and Deliveries
  •  Installations and Set-ups
  •  Operational and Technical support
  •  Account Maintenance

These services are available for every user during standard business hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. A 24/7 dedicated support manager is available with selected subscriptions.

7. Feedback & Partnerships

We are constantly working on exciting new updates and products to improve our current and future subscribers experience, and we welcome feedback from anyone that has improvement ideas or useful features that could be incorporated in to our existing operating platform. You are welcomed to forward any suggestions or requests to: info@keycrib.com

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